E-Commerce marketing is the new trend that has been adopted by businesses to attract customers and expand. There was a time when advertising in newspaper and billboards were enough, then came in the Television and celebrity endorsements.


There was a time when Amazon was well known for their two-day shipping offers, but today there are many businesses that are providing more express shopping deliveries. Delivering the goods to the customers has become a competitive area where companies are vying each other to have the shortest delivery time for their consumers.

  • Tailored on demand services: This is another creative yet a difficult technique that has been adopted by companies. They offer customers the opportunity to enjoy tailored and customized services to the extent that the customers are the boss. The companies now have warehouses and inventories that store goods and the workers start working on the orders as soon as the order comes their way. Customers judge this business by the service and the promptness in the response they receive from the firm owners. Facebook pages and Instagram are the key social media platforms that are used by these customized service providers.


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Site rankings

During the start of the dot-com era, the site rankings on the search engine were all solely based on the keyword integration. Today, search engine optimization is a whole new field itself; there are experts who are capable of spinning content that makes it rank higher than others. Various software and applications have been developed that deal with the optimized content. The competition to be ranked higher has been upped to newer stakes, and the companies have to look for better content and perfect setup of their marketing strategies to capture markets and carve out their niche.

The role of Social Media

The fact is undeniable that social media and the way they have impacted lives around the globe has also altered the marketing strategies adopted by the companies. The ads placed on the social media have an extensive outreach, and therefore people have taken their business marketing mainly to social platforms. The sole purpose of marketing is to gain attention, and social media is one of the most suitable and at the same time economical platform for commercialization.

The switch from desktop to more mobile devices

This is the newest trend, and many websites are still in the transition phase. Companies are designing algorithms that run on the mobiles so that the customers can enjoy the online shopping experience with ease and from the comfort of their own homes. Make sure you have create and ecommerce website that is responsive and friendly on mobile.Companies such as Shopify offer these options when building your website.

  • The focus on landing pages and page load times: The initial stage of web designing was focused on creating pleasing websites and the load time was quite long. Today the consumers are solely concerned about the fast loading websites, and the slow websites have the lowest traffic. The analytics allow the website owners to understand the things that work on their website and features that do not!

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