5 Ways To Boost Your Store’s Conversion Rate

5 Ways To Boost Your Store’s Conversion Rate

The conversion rate of an Ecommerce website visitors to paying customers is obviously one of the most important measures of success for any online retailer. Heavy website traffic and the good reputation of the brand are great, however, if they don’t result in actual purchases they are meaningless.

With that in mind, here are five tips for improving your online store’s conversion rate:

1. Become mobile-friendly 

There is no doubt that mobile devices are very important now. Major portions of online shopping are now done through smartphones and tablets, and this trend is only going to pick up steam in the near future.

There is a tremendous opportunity to improve your online store’s conversion rate tremendously if mobile shoppers can smoothly browse your store, add items to their cart, securely provide payment and shipment information, and finalize their purchases.

2. Improve your visuals 

High-quality visuals are very important to provide an excellent user experience. Clear visuals that facilitate the shopping process and make it understandable and easy to navigate will reduce friction and encourage site visitors to continue along their path to purchase. Similarly, it is very important to make your product images appealing in order to encourage site browsers to investigate further.

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3. Strengthen Product Descriptions 

Make product descriptions a priority because an excellent product descriptions don’t need to persuade consumers to make a purchase, instead they provide enough information so that customers will be convinced to buy the product or the service. It is highly recommended to provide both a concise product description that catches browsers’ attention and a longer, more in-depth description that answers any potential questions a shopper might have.

4. Create Data-Driven Promotions 

Analytics are considered to be a powerful tool for increasing your Ecommerce website’s conversion rate, especially when combined with Ecommerce marketing and promotion efforts. Personalized discount offers and targeted email marketing campaigns based on past purchase behavior and/or browsing behavior will increase the percentage of site visitors who are likely to make a purchase.

5. Lower Shipping Costs

Shipping costs have the potential to be a serious conversion stopper. However, this issue can be avoided entirely by focusing on shipping and addressing consumers’ potential concerns. Make sure that your customers are never shocked by the price of shipping, hiding this information until the very end of checkout will result in both lost sales and upset consumers.

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