8 Features To Drive Your Online Store Conversions With Image Gallery Optimization

8 Features To Drive Your Online Store Conversions With Image Gallery Optimization

When it comes to producing conversions through Ecommerce websites, presenting visual content can do miracles. Customers are always attracted by images, graphics and infographics compared to text oriented content for the most obvious reasons. Images can pack a lot of information and deliver it in one punch without compromising the user’s interest. In this article we will share 8 useful features and Ecommerce solutions that can help you optimize your image gallery.

Zooming Feature

First thing you need to do is to make the image large enough for everyone to see. Aside from being an immaterial store, Ecommerce websites also lacks the touch and feel sensation that customers get in brick and mortar stores. The zooming feature is the only function capable of bringing that experience closest to your potential customers.

HD photography

HD photography is one of the most important factors that determine if your image gallery is worth seeing or not. It focuses on HQ images in order to expose the smallest details of the subject. HD photography increases its zoom-ability when magnified and shows richer image coloration.

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360° angle is a feature that makes your image galleries very convenient to interact with. In some cases, it might be needed to need to exhibit their external features more than their internal. Showing just a measly image can prevent a potential lead from converting. Adding the feature of 360° will allow the customers to view the product images from all the sides, leaving nothing to the imagination.

White Background

The background can be one of the primary reasons if your images fail to address the unique feature of your products to the shoppers. By placing your products against a white background, you will make your products look very attractive. This feature is very efficient and simple in creating a professional appeal to your content.

Show Images with All Color Options

Make sure to provide multiple photos because it is a safe and effective practice. As we stated above, exhibiting different angles is a powerful alternative to the touch and feel sensation of brick and mortar stores. Similarly, when color options are provided, therefore online business owners need to make sure your product exhibits all its colors available to the customer.

Reduced Image Size for Faster Loading

The idea of optimizing image gallery is not just about getting your image on point. It is very true that high quality images attract the attention of customers and go beautifully with your web design aesthetics, but overusing them can also compromise your website speed. It completely wrong to pick the image quality over the website speed. Therefore, getting your image size optimized is crucial to ensure a lag free experience while opening images and interacting with image gallery functions.

Add Alignment to Your Products

The alignment is very important for product images in order to be exhibited in harmony. It is always possible to do this this by creating a template and adding guidelines to integrate with your product images. This will introduce consistency and order that will reflect positively on your website.


Last but not the least, you should make sure that your images are SEO effective. It is possible to do this by adding titles, meta descriptions and alt tags etc. The ultimate goal is to rank them on search engines and increase their SEO value.

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