Mobile Ecommerce Solutions and Trends You Should Know About in 2017

Mobile Ecommerce Solutions and Trends You Should Know About in 2017

Are you familiar with the trends and tools that will affect the ecommerce solutions and online shopping habits and experienced in 2017! Read this article and find out!

According to experts, there are new ecommerce solutions and tools emerging on the market that will allow online retailers to attract the attention of their potential customers and acquire their share on the market! These tools and trends will determine not only the advancement of the ecommerce industry but the related areas as well such as advertising, marketing, and software development.

A lot of online merchants have made incredible progress in improving their online tools and yet there is so much to do in this area. The analysts say that efficient and attractive options such as subscription purchases, same-day delivery, and scheduled delivery are going to be pretty profitable for the online merchants.

The ecommerce could also profit from adding virtual and enhanced reality into the shopping experience. There are many companies that are starting to implement these ecommerce solutions and tools in make-up and furniture segments of the market.

Virtual reality found a suitable place even in the tourism area. For example, North Face has offered an opportunity to their clients to use virtual reality headsets so they can visit the most popular sights of the world. They took their customers on a real journey. Getting a taste of the most popular sights, according to North Face, would help individuals to make a decision to go and visit these places in person. We can conclude that buyers really appreciate the use of virtual reality.

One of the reasons why such tools are becoming crucial for e-commerce world is because potential customers are becoming less and less reliant on the offline stores. A major obstacle that keeps many of the customers from shopping online for almost everything is the inability to see and touch the products in person. As a matter of fact, more than 60% of the American consumers prefer to purchase in a physical store as they can see and touch the products they want to buy.

But, you need to keep in mind that the virtual reality as a trend might change very soon! It all depends on the interest of the customers.

Ecommerce world is booming and it is going to be an interesting journey for everyone involved!

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